Ultimate Gift

What is the ultimate gift that you would like to give to yourself? If asked me then I would say that my ultimate goal is to be happy. 🙂 It’s the ultimate gift of happiness that I would like to give to myself. According to my experience of life till now I have seen few people working for money, some for knowledge, some for family, some for the basic needs but the ultimate gift they want in their life according me is happiness only. Everyone wants to be happy. Everyone wants to feel the joy of calmness, peace. It’s the ultimate gift of calm and composed mind that I think we all desire and strive for.
I am leaving my hometown today for my very first job. I feel happy inside not just because of the job that I will earn money or will do the work I hope will enjoy the most. I am happy because I see myself growing fearless.
The uncertainties of life that used to bother me and kept me in a closet of fear do not affect me anymore. The questions of what if, what if not do not bother me anymore. Life is uncertain, future is unpredictable and it is the truth one can’t deny. But if one gets comfortable with the uncertainties of life then it is much more easier to be happy. These days I am seeing myself growing more comfortable with the uncertainties of life. With this I am becoming more fearless and I am able to live properly in the present and enjoy it. I feel good, I feel happy and life feel more meaningful.
In the end I would like to say that when we accept the reality that our future is unpredictable, things might not go according to us, there will be unpleasant things and pleasant things happening to us in future then we start giving ourselves this ultimate gift of life, happiness. Future is unpredictable then why start predicting it by ‘what if’ and getting worried. So plan your life but not too much coz even you don’t know what future holds and do not try to control your life too much. It’s good to free yourself from the constant responsibility of controlling your life. I have changed and it feels good, relaxing. This comfort with the uncertainties makes me fearless and this fearlessness let me enjoy the present thus giving me the ultimate gift of HAPPINESS.
Be fearless, Be happy 🙂


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