Have a habit of regretting?

There are times when we say or do things we regret later. And then there are moments when we keep replaying the regretful moment to feel more and more regret. It hurts a lot, it pinches a lot and we feel like going in the past and undo it or simply erase that memory. I have dealt with this problem of regretting a lot. In my past I have done lot of things I regret about and I am sorry for them. But the actions cannot be erased by simply saying sorry. Is there any other thing then one can do to come out of regret?

In the past few days I found myself not anymore regretting on the things of the recent or past. I had found a good way of dealing with these regrets which strikes you later and sink you low in the blues.

  • Accept what you did.

We often end up giving justifications to our act or speech. But no matter how much we justify our act, if it was right then we would have never had this regret. So stop making justifications and accept what you did. If I made someone cry then no matter what was the reason behind it but if I feel sorry for making her cry then I must accept my act.

  • You cannot undo the action, accept it.

What happened has happened and it cannot be changed. So there is no fun of replaying the moment and getting sad over it again and again. What has happened has happened. That’s it.

  • Make peace with yourself.

The act is done, it cannot be altered. So don’t torture yourself by thinking why you did. The question should be What now? It’s now that you can do something for the act. Live in present. But before that be at peace with yourself and don’t keep tormenting yourself with the past action, accept that it’s done and you cannot alter it. The more you torture yourself, the more you regret and the more you suffer.

  • Be Honest with yourself.

Whatever you will do in the present related to the past act then make it sure that you are honest in your intentions. This will make you contented with yourself that you did everything in your power. Now it depends on the other person but no matter what the result maybe atleast in your heart there should be love for both yourself and the person.

In past few days I dealt with such problem in this way and it helped. Now I do not suffer over my past actions that I regret later, rather I learn and grow, making sure that the mistakes are not repeated again. Experience is the best teacher but it has it’s cost. So don’t worry if you are no more friends or whatever relationship you had earlier is no more present but  if you have made peace with yourself and there is just blessing for the other in your heart then there is no room for regrets. Stay happy 🙂

Balanced Mind


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