Fascination towards The Law of Karma..!

I was born in India- The land of spirituality, where great sages have taken birth and enlightened the world by the truth of reality, which they came to know through their experiential wisdom. By seeing the reality within they gave us the laws which are obeyed by even the smallest particle. Among these I am aware of the law of impermanence, according to which whatever takes birth will sooner or later die. Everything that lives will die. We see this truth even in our own lives. This law of impermanence is not only applicable to the matter but also to emotions. An emotion that has risen, be it of fear, anger or excitement is bound to pass away. We all believe in this law of impermanence and as it is proved by the science of the west  as well as we all have experienced it in our lives so their leaves no room for argument on this law.

But there is another law, the law of Karma. What is law of Karma? Karma means actions. According to the law of Karma, behind every effect there is a cause. Whatever happens in the present is the outcome of our deeds done in the past and whatever deeds we do in the present will make our future. What we sow today is what we will reap tomorrow. The Indian sages who reached to the ultimate truth came to this realization that everything is in a constant flux. We are in a cycle of  life and death. After we die we take birth again and this cycle of taking birth and dying and then taking birth and so on is the result of our Karmas. Now according to my experience there are lots of people who don’t believe in this law of karma and they believe that this is the only life we have got. If asked me, I do believe in this law of karma but I am not clinging to it or having a blind faith. It’s easier to believe the law of impermanence as we can experience it directly in our lives so we can realize it on the surface level. But it’s not the case with the law of karma.

If I ask you a question that why do some people live in luxury and some cannot even afford a proper meal. Why there is such a difference? There are three reasons which I can come up with:

1. It is random
One reason I can come up with is that maybe everything happening is random. There is no law, no rule and things are randomly occurring.

2. It maybe due to an omnipotent  person
Well if such differences are due to a single omnipotent and powerful person for whom we are just the puppets of his play then maybe that person is either helpless that he cannot  disappear this difference. Or he maybe an arrogant person who wants some to suffer for a reason even I don’t know.

3. The law of Karma
If law of karma is true then a person is born as a poor not just like that or because there is a person who want him to be poor, but because of his own past deeds/actions. What we sow, so shall we reap. It’s we who are the creator of our future.

The first and the second reasons doesn’t make sense to me as they leave me powerless, like I have no life of mine. It’s the third thing, the law of karma that makes sense to me. Whatever little introspection I have done till now, I have seen that whenever I get angry, the effect of generating that anger is instability and a non-peaceful state. In other words, when I sow the seed of anger, I reap the fruit of this anger only. There is more to work on changing my belief to realization for the law of Karma, but little by little experiences in life makes me fascinated towards this law of Karma.

Be Happy 🙂


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