A year of Hope..!

In the snow where everything is dormant,
There’s a hut, Where the fire still burns. 

As the new year begins we all hope that this year will be worth remembering. Most of us make resolutions swearing that they will fulfill them, if not all then at least one. Living in the present moment, being physically and mentally present in the work I do, facing a problem and solving it without going through stress and being able to respond to an action without reacting to it are some of my resolutions of 2014.

1. To be in present

This resolution is a bit tough as I have a tendency to be physically present and mentally absent in a situation.

2. Facing a problem without going through stress

It’s been a while since I have been practicing to balance my mind by sitting for an hour daily and observing the sensations that appear on the body, making sure that I don’t react to them. This daily exercise of the mind has helped me to face a problem and solve it without going through stress.

3. Respond to an action instead of reacting

It’s always best to respond to an action instead of reacting to it. It needs a calm and composed mind in a situation to respond to an action where as an unbalanced mind will always lead to a reaction to an action.

So these are my three resolutions of 2014 and I hope to complete them successfully. 😉 Hope you all to complete your resolutions of this year if you made one. Keep smiling 🙂


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