Have you ever day dreamed? If yes, then can you recall the longest time you kept daydreaming? Do you think it is good to day dream? Do you believe that there are some creative outcomes of daydreaming?

I myself is  a daydreamer. I started day dreaming probably when I was in my teens. I loved daydreaming and would spend 1 or 2 hours daydreaming till I do not get bored of the chosen subject I would be dreaming of. I would spend days dreaming about one subject, adding more and more details to it. Like all the daydreamers reading this post knows that while daydreaming we create our own illusive world and characters, which might be taken from the real life and create a story which we wish come true and if not then just enjoy in it for a while.
I don’t know about other daydreamers but after I used to get bored  of my subject of daydreaming I always felt lonely, uncomfortable and their was an urge to choose another subject so that I could build a story and start daydreaming. While I am daydreaming it’s best time I am having  as everything is according to me.

Daydreaming feels good till you are not exhausted with the story you are dreaming on. But soon you will realize that you just got addicted to daydreaming and you cannot leave it. Soon after you get tired of daydreaming about one thing you will get on to another and so the cycle continues. You keep on building new scenes, new stories, new characters and keep living in that illusive state

Let me ask about your views on daydreaming. Do you think it’s good or bad?  I always loved daydreaming but knew that it wasted most of my time and the stuff I daydreamed for example a meeting I have tomorrow, I will start daydreaming about it building the whole story and dialogues. Some of you might be thinking that daydreaming is  very tough. It’s just like writing the story for a film, preparing the dialogues and acting them out at the same time. Well yes, it is same and that’s why it takes most of my energy.

My daydreaming starts mostly when I am free and want to relax my mind. But now from above paras you know what are the excursions made in order to daydream. So foolish of me for so many years where I thought I was giving my mind a rest by daydreaming. :p

In the end I would like to say that daydreaming in a positive and controlled way is good but not to daydream is best as it saves lot of energy and keeps us intact to present.


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