Whenever their is a reunion one question is always asked, Β “Why are you so happy?” or “why are you so sad?” When such questions are asked to me I wonder how do we see a person as happy or sad.
Mostly, when someone is laughing, smiling a lot, filled with enthusiasm or what I can say is at a higher energy state charging the atmosphere around him or her to higher energy state is considered as a happy person. And, when someone is keeping quite, lacking in enthusiasm, is passive or is at lower energy state is considered as a sad person. Most of the times we see people in these two states only, happy or sad. Happy person is at higher energy state or in common term is active and a sad person is at lower energy state or in other terms as passive.

But what to call a person who is neither in higher energy state or lower energy state. These days I am facing the same thing. Neither I am in a higher energy state nor in a lower energy state. I find myself at that line on top of which is higher energy state and below is lower energy state. Whenever I come from 10-day Vipassana course then for a week or two I find myself at this line and whenever I am with my very close friends in the company of whom even silence is relaxing, I find myself at this line. I don’t know what to name this line but I can describe what I feel when I am at this line.

Like today, I had gone out to meet my friends. They all asked me that why am I sad and dull today. But the irony was that I was at peace. I was calm. Neither I was dancing nor I was crying, rather I was at peace with myself. These days I am at that line where I feel peace, calmness. I had days in my life when I used to be at higher energy state which brought lot of enthusiasm, laughing, dancing and lot of brightness. I also had days in my life when I used to be at lower energy state which brought melancholy, sadness, blues, laziness and winters. But at present I cannot relate my energy state to any of these two states. At present, the state I am in I feel peaceful, calm with a gentle smile wishing everyone happiness. It’s the sunshine I feel which warms my body and soul and may it give warmth to rest of the world.

Don’t know what to call this state as, maybe a balanced state which comes with a balanced mind but I would love to be in this state only, as it is stable unlike the other two states.

Balanced mind
At peace..!

Stay happy πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “At Peace…!

  1. πŸ™‚
    one day i’ll find d peace…
    I m sure…one day.
    When eveything cease to exist…
    Just me going through dreams till etrnity..

    One day.


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