Life is full of uncertainties, and this makes us insecure. No one knows what future holds for us and in an attempt to gain a stable life, a stable future we continuously suffer with our insecurities.
I have a childhood friend who currently is struggling for a job. She is intelligent but takes unnecessary tension which I think is the reason for her low performance in job interviews. I talked to her recently about the job interview she was preparing for a month. She did not get it. I do not doubt her capability and she is more hardworking than me, but if I have to blame someone or something for her failures then I would blame the present time in her life. Like I said life is full of uncertainties and there will be bad times which most of us call as unlucky times and there will be good or lucky times. Right now my friend’s life is filled with bad or unlucky times. Some of you might be thinking that life is like this only, most of the time giving the unpleasant news but then there is a silver lining. As nothing stays for ever so even this bad time also won’t stay forever and there will be good time in my friend’s life too.

Good time has to come, it is inevitable. But what is to be done while going through the bad time or more aptly, the struggling time. Well here is what can be done to lessen the suffering, agitation, tension that one goes during the process of attaining stability in their lives,

Mental Stability

Whenever I suggest my friends who are struggling for a job to try things like meditation that can make their mind stable, most of them reply that they don’t have time as they are struggling for attaining career stability. And when I tell them the positive effects meditation can have on a being then I get to hear replies like, “Oh! That’s great. I will surely do it but after I get a job.” or “I know the positive effects of meditation. It’s all over the net and newspaper. But I am still young. I will do it when I get old and retired from all the responsibilities of life. ”
When people say this that they will work on the stability of mind after they attain stability in life, this breaks my heart. We have this tendency to neglect the health of our mind. We think that there is no connection between a stable life and a stable mind. When my friend called me and said that she did not get the job for which she was preparing for a month, I told her that she is capable for a job and it’s her struggling time so try not to take much tension and work hard again for the next opportunity. I suggested her to take a 10-day course there only of Vipassana so that her mind may get a little relief from all the tensions she has been taking. She was convinced at that time. But like every other person I have met, she did not go maybe with the same reason that I will go after I get a job.

Bad times come in life. Failures do come in life. There are things we get late in life or may not even get. One can say life is cruel. But the fact remains same, the reality remains same. Nothing lasts forever. Bad days will go and even the good days will also go. Life will always be in this flux. There is only one thing constant in life and that is CHANGE. All those who are reading this article and at the same time struggling to achieve stability in their lives then do consider mental stability before any other stability. If the mind is not balanced, stable then how can you overcome the obstacles with all the tensions, agitation in your mind. I am not saying that with higher mental stability all your problems will vanish rather higher mental stability makes one more efficient in dealing with the problems.

To some this article might seem as a philosophical or spiritual one but the truth is that it is the only way until you are having your lucky time. Try to do things which will calm your mind, balance it and then see the way you tackle the unpleasant things of life, the insecurities of life and the uncertainties of life. Keep smiling 🙂


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