Change is necessary,
Change is the law,
Till there is suffering,
There is change,
Sometimes we all want to change,
Sometimes we want to stay,
But the ultimate truth overpowers the rest,
Till there is suffering,
There is change.

It’s been almost a week since I’ve written something and only 25 days left for the new year to arrive. This week was full of changes. I got my joining letter and will be leaving soon to start my own independent adventure in this world as an individual. Today, I finally finished my web designing work on which I have been working since 3 months. There is a sense of accomplishment with stability in the mind. I have no topic for today so this post is among those random post where I write for myself.

When I started writing this post I realized that this year is coming to an end. If I am asked, what is the one thing which I would remember for this year, then my answer would be, the Change. It’s the massive change that has happened to me this year, which I will never forget and I will be taking this change to the next year and hopefully to every year which will be added to my life. If I have to make a list of the things that I started this year then my list will be prominently divided into two categories.

List of things I did before 1st Sept, 2013 (i.e before I started practicing Vipassana):

  • I started the year playing basketball as I enjoyed it. I bought a new basketball for it. But soon after few weeks I left it as my foot used to get twisted and finally my doctor advised me not to play otherwise there maybe chances of fracture. I can’t deal with another fracture now, so I left it.
  • Then maybe in feb, I started learning classical singing.Β I use to compose songs and I want to advance more in this field so I started learning classical singing. I had even bought a harmonium. I learned it for a month and then I left it. The reason I could find for leaving the classes was lack of time. My exams had started and then I had started skipping classes as I was too lazy to go there and then I started finding excuses for not going. I had told my self that I would go after my college gets over, but it never happened.
  • Then I think in July, after my exams got over, I started learning sketching.Β My cousin used to paint beautiful drawings and used to send it to me for feedback and in this way my lost interest in painting revived and I painted a picture of Lord Ganesha. Then I started learning sketching and made few sketches. I might click photos of them and attach in this post. πŸ™‚ I downloaded sketching videos so that I can learn more. But soon after a week or two maybe I left it. I don’t even remember what excuse I made.
  • And there was one constant thing which I could not continue and neither I could bear the fact that I have left it too. It was playing guitar. I play guitar and I know how to play it. I am not the beginner in it but I am at the intermediate level. The problem with playing guitar is that I only play it when I feel like and this feel comes once in even I can’t tell how many months. I made three songs this year in the month of April maybe. After that only once I might have played it. I always felt bad looking at my guitar filled with dust waiting for me to be played. But I had left it also. Now it is properly packed in it’s bag and is played only when someone asks me to play.

List of things after Sept, 2013 (after I started practicing Vipassana):

  • In ending weeks of Sept, I started learning building themes for wordpress. I got a great series on the net which taught me how to build a theme. When I had started it I was just a beginner. It was a massive series and I would like to give a little detail about it. All those who are not interested in programming and designing can breeze through this. I started in photoshop, creating two templates of the theme in detail. It took me two weeks to complete it and I learned a lot about photoshop with this. This was the first stage. After completing the templates in the photoshop, I started with creating html markups and css and it took me one and a half month I think. This was the second stage. Β In the third and the final stage I started with the wordpress part. And today, I finally finished the thing I started 3 months ago. The best thing was that I stick with it till the end. This is my success for this year.
  • The second thing which is also a success is this blog. I started writing this blog in October and till now it’s been 2 months and I have kept my promise of keeping this blog alive. I do not know how many of you read my blog, but if through this blog you get something good then it’s my success.
  • The third one is the consistency in practicing Vipassana. It’s due to this only that I finally completed something and I am thankful to those who taught me this wonderful technique. I can see the change in my life clearly and I hope that the rest also can experience it. πŸ™‚

Well these are the three things I started and completed. Though I had nothing in my mind when I started writing, but it seems to me now that this post has got very lengthy. If any one of you had come to the end of this post then I hope you did not get bored. πŸ™‚ Stay happy and keep smiling.

Life is a beauty, It is received only once, Don’t waste it, Try to taste it, It maybe sour, it maybe sweet, Just add a little wisdom, To make it divine..!
Life is beauty

May all be happy πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “From Unbalanced to Balanced- My Journey 2013

  1. Hey πŸ™‚
    congrates πŸ˜€
    so here begins your professional career…
    All the best !
    By d way which city u r moving to ?
    And i hope u’ll continue updating this blog ..
    We are alwayz awating here πŸ™‚
    baba ji bless u πŸ™‚


  2. πŸ˜€
    haha…babaji bcoz being an atheist :p
    hey shruti..
    I wanna tell u i also used to do sketching during my school tym …

    I wanna see ur sketches ..
    Plz πŸ™‚


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