Today is December 1 and I can say now that it’s been three months since I have been practicing Vipassana. I have never continued any thing in my life for so long and it feels good and I feel determined to do it for the rest of my life. In this post I won’t be sharing my experience of 3 months of Vipassana but I do want to talk about something that I have realized in these 3 months.

I have been doing Vipassana and it is helping me in every aspect of my life. It is like a medicine to me which has no side effects and makes my life worth living. Whenever I am surrounded by tough decisions, tough problems, it has been there to make my agitated, imbalanced mind, balanced and peaceful so that I can solve my problems. With Vipassana I have realized (note that I am not saying that I believe but realized as it is through my own experience) the power of balanced mind. It has helped me to realize that for we humans the most powerful tool which can create us or can even destroy us is our own mind. When the mind is balanced, we do not have to deal with the sh*t of life, rather what we see as unpleasant will appear to be just a simple problem with a simple solution and it will make us capable of even executing the solution.

When the mind is balanced,
There is no problem that can not be solved,
There is no decision that can not be taken.
 When the mind is balanced, I have realized,
There is nothing for which I need to shed tears,
There is nothing for which I need to worry.
Everything is simple, nothing is complicated.
With the mind balanced,
Life is worth living, worth smiling.

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