It’s been 3 months…!

Closer I am to the sun,
Warmer I feel inside,
As the clouds are passing away,
I can see the clear blue sky,
Practicing to see the truth daily,
Makes me connected with myself,
Closer I am getting to reality,
Clearer I feel inside.

It’s been almost 3 months now since I have been practicing Vipassana, one hour daily in the morning and evening. Though sometimes I skip one hour or reduce it to half an hour due to laziness or some other excuses which I can find. But one thing for sure is that now it’s almost 3 months and lots of things have changed in these 3 months. In today’s post I would like to share my experience of these 3 months and other things that has changed. All those who have read my earlier posts on my experience with Vipassana, don’t worry as in this post I won’t be repeating the same experiences.

I am a computer engineer and I have graduated this year only in August ending. I love programming and I love to learn new things related to it like, web designing, learning new languages. I am quite good at learning new things if I am interested in them but the problem is that I always prefer learning it from a teacher, face to face. After my final papers were over I started doing one course from one of my teacher in a tuition center. Though teachers in the tutorials are very talented but they won’t spend time teaching you efficiently. So one thing that can be taught in one hour will take a week to teach. I had that kind of experience. Though it wasn’t a bad experience and I learned several new things this way, but the only problem was FRUSTRATION. I have seen lot of my friends who go through same frustrations. I worked on a website during this frustration time and it took me a month to complete it. But it was not a complete work and then I left as I found a better way of enhancing my learning experience like few of my friends used to and that is self learning.

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