When a drop falls on it’s calm surface,
Ripples get created, disturbing it’s calmness,
When it gets stable,
I see my self, undisturbed
looking into my own reflection
That got distorted by a drop on it’s surface. 

These days I have started reading the posts of other bloggers and most of them tries to go into the depth of life asking or describing a simple question, How to live life properly? Today, I met a friend of mine and we were also discussing about life and how to live it to the fullest so that when we grow old we won’t regret that we did not do this or that. As to us it’s only this life we got and as we grow old, gain our senses this question has more meaning.

Well there are lot of answers to this question of how to live life properly and not just mere survive it. Though I am quite young to give a proper answer, but what I have experienced in my life on that basis I think and feel that life become worth living when we got a mind that is in our control. When we are not the slaves of our needs but rather the master of them. Life is worth living when we are the driver of it. In short, when we got a balanced mind, then only we can drive our life in the direction of our dreams.

It is strongly advised that not to mix drinking with driving as it is dangerous to your life and the life of others. In the same way, when mind is imbalanced, unstable, at that time we are like a drunk driver trying to drive our life. Some of you might have even dared to drive a car while being drunk. I can say that it would not have been a good experience. No matter how much clear and straight the road might be, with an imbalanced mind, life can never be driven smoothly.

Like you guys I have also been lectured on the importance of balanced mind. I was always told by my family and culture to keep the mind balanced and never to take any decision when angry. Calm the mind and then take a decision. But every time I was faced with unpleasant situations I could not keep my mind stable, though I knew that if I can keep my mind stable then I would not feel this aversion and sadness. Things that hurt me will never hurt me. But the main thing that was never taught to me by my family or society or by my culture was that how to keep the mind balanced?
This problem was solved in August 2012, when I learned the technique of Vipassana. It’s this time that I am practicing it properly without any laziness and I can say with my own experience that it is the best technique to balance the mind.I have tried other meditation techniques also but this is the one that I have found which works on the roots of the problem. All those who are also wandering here and there with the same question of how to live life to the fullest and not just survive it then I would suggest you try out this technique. It will help you to master your mind and balance it. Even when you will not be feeling good or feeling low then also by doing this you will start feeling good as it will balance the mind. With a balance mind one will always be in equanimity be there be darkness or light, sadness or happiness, success or failure.

Life is a gift, better not waste it. I tried for 21yrs to live my life like those 3% people but always failed and lived like those 97%. But since Sept 2013, I have started living my life the way it should be lived and I will keep on doing that as I got the key. 😉

Exercise your body, Exercise your mind, As these are, The Drops of Life.
Drops of Life

Stay balanced stay happy 🙂


6 thoughts on “How to live like those 3%…?

    1. but remember to not get stuck in just reading about it… you will see benefits of it only if you gonna practice it. I hope you attend a 10-day course as soon as possible, it will be the best thing that will happen to you. 🙂


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