Think before you make a judgement!

Thoughts are directly the outcome of perception,
Sensations are directly the outcome of thoughts,
If perception is negative, thoughts are negative,
And if thoughts are negative, sensations are unpleasant,
This is the simple law of nature,
Believe it or not, but you can’t escape it even after death!


There are times in life when we all start questioning the things being taught to us or the things being preached to us. In the early stages of life, when we are kids, we start learning things by simply believing them and there is no efforts put forward by the teacher to make us realize them as we are too young to investigate the things to it’s depth. As we reaches the teenage, we start looking at the things differently. The things we don’t like to do or follow, we start questioning about them so that we can actually understand the worth of the things we are forced to follow or do. And if we are not satisfied with the answers, then we may declare the thing as fake or just shut our human minds and keep following the things like a machine. It all depends on us, what we want to be, a machine or a human.

Have questions?

Yesterday, I was going through some blogs and there was an  article in which the blogger had written her experience with 10-day course of Vipassana. When I read the article, I found that the writer was not a machine but a human. It was her first time experience with Vipassana and she had lot of doubts about the technique and could not distinguish it as a cult or just a simple technique. She did questioned a lot and tried it herself. She did find the changes in her after 10-days but still she was surrounded by numerous doubts like weather the whole concept was a brainwash and weather the teacher uses the hypnosis through his voice. It’s good that she had doubts and she questioned. It reminds me of my teenage years when I used to question a lot on every aspect of life.

But where the problem lies is


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