Ask what you want!

A dew drop that can shine,
Try to see the world in it,
Upside down is what you see,

As it’s a dew drop not a mirror.

Today, I can’t think of a topic to write about and I don’t want to end up with an image. Life is so deeper, there has to be something to write about, something to read about. One of my friend says that he loves reading my articles as they motivates him. I don’t know how much they do, but I’m glad that some feel this way. It makes me more responsible in my writing and I try not to waste a word for simply writing sake. So let’s see what I can write about.

I’ve talked about how to have a balanced mind, about an invaluable gift of Vipassana, about the suffering and it’s cause and also my experience of practicing Vipassana. It seems to me that I have written about everything that is required to be happy in life. Some of you might suggest writing about how to be more creative or how to be more successful in life and all the other things that we all constantly want. This want never ends.
If a fairy asks you to make a wish, what will you wish for. Right now most of you will be thinking about that one thing you want the most. That one thing, if you get then there will be nothing else you would want. That one thing, if the fairy grants you, you will be the happiest person alive on the planet. That one thing you want.
There will be few of you who’s first reaction to the question will be,”Only one wish! Can’t you grant me more than one?” There are lot of things we want. If we are the once granting the wishes then we will grant all our wishes. If one wish is only fulfilled then we can’t be totally happy as other wants are also necessary. “Fulfill all my wishes and I will be the happiest person in this planet and then I will never ask for any other thing.”

In reality, our wishes, our wants are never ending. You all have also experienced it. When one wish is fulfilled then out of blue we face our-self wishing for some other thing.  It’s a never ending cycle. With every wish, with every want a craving develops and then clinging to that wish is our habit or what we consider as our birth right. And the thought of wish not being fulfilled produces aversion. In short never ending wishes generates a never ending cycle of disguised misery, of aversion and craving. If you are a constant reader of this blog then you would have come to know by now that what happens when this cycle is generated. And if you are a new reader then do read the post, Are you too in this mud. It will surely help you to get acquainted with your insight.

Finally, I did write on a topic. If you have made it to the end then I hope that there was something for you to read.

dew drop
The world upside down

May all be happy 🙂


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