Why to blame our reactions!

Something has changed,
Though people remains the same,
There is still quarrel  among them,
Some still have their irritating nature,
But something has changed.

In this post I want to share with you that something that has changed. When I came back from my first Vipassana course in August 2012, I found myself more calmer and less agitated. I found myself at peace even in the situations where my blood used to boil earlier. When I interacted with the people I hated the most, I could not feel the hatred in me. When I was surrounded by irritated conditions, I did not feel irritated. Something had changed. Maybe the people, the surroundings had changed behind me. Maybe the cunning ones were no more cunning, the irritating ones were no more irritating or maybe I was no more the old me. I did not continue practicing Vipassana after coming back from my first course. Slowly as the days passed, I was coming back to my old self. I started feeling angry when someone used to irritate me. I started quarreling with people who used to annoy me. To every unpleasant situation, my behavior was unpleasant. That something that had changed was gone now. What was that something? It could not be the people, the surroundings as in both the cases they remained same. Maybe it was the effect of the meditation. It makes the person calmer and we get calmer and are at peace we do not get unstable so easily. So when the effect of meditation was gone, I started feeling less stable.

Now the question arises that how to be stable? Keep yourself in check all the time and make sure that you are stable. But still the problem remains. How to know that we are stable? What is that parameter to be checked to see that we are stable?


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