Reactions- The cause of Suffering!

In my previous post, Why we suffer-Want to know? we blamed our reactions as the cause for our sufferings. Now let us examine this in detail and use our logic to justify this blame. Mind is very closely connected to matter(body). Any thought in the mind has it’s effects on the matter. Now our mind consists of 4 processes, Consciousness, Perception, Sensation, and Reaction.

  • The first process, consciousness, is the receiving part of the mind. It simply registers the occurrence of any phenomenon, the reception of any input at the mind or physical level. It notes the raw data of experience without assigning labels or making value judgement.
  • The second mental process is perception, the act of recognition. This part identifies whatever has been noted by the consciousness. It assigns labels to the input and make value judgement. It tells weather the input is likable or unlikable.
  • The next part of mind is sensation. As soon as the input is received the sensation arises. As long as the input is not evaluated, the sensation remains neutral. But once the value is attached to the input, the sensations becomes pleasant or unpleasant, depending upon the evaluation given to the input.
  • If the sensation is pleasant, a wish forms to prolong it and intensify the experience. If the sensation is unpleasant, the wish is to stop it, to push it away. The mind reacts with liking or disliking. So the fourth process, reaction to the pleasant or unpleasant sensations is the  main cause of our suffering. 

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