The plasticity in our smiles,
Not for others to see,
But for us to believe,
That I’m happy.

I think it’s my 9th post today and in all the previous 8 posts I discussed about Vipassana, sensations, the way to have a balance mind, about dharma and also about our infected mind. Last time I did not explain how Vipassana is not just another meditation technique. So let us do that today.

It is said, that if a person has done Vipassana in their previous lives then it is enough for them to just hear the word ‘Vipassana’ and they will go running after it. Well it’s not important to believe this saying but same thing happened with me. One day, while going to college, I just heard this word from my friend who was describing the experience of her father who did the 10-day course of Vipassana. For me just this word was enough and within a month I also took a 10-day course in August, 2012.


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