It’s no cult,  neither it aims to form a cult nor it is just another meditation technique. It is rather a practice which makes one walk properly on the path of Dharma.  with a balanced mind.

In ancient Indian language, the behavior of a thing was called as dharam. In today’s world, dharam is interpreted as religion. Like  Hinduisim, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity etc. Dharam is nowhere near to these religons. Don’t try to take it as a cult. Let me explain you the true meaning of dharam.  Now lets take an example.

The nature or behavior is called as dharam. For example, fire, it’s nature is to burn and burn others in it. If fire do not burn and burn others in it, then obviously no one will call it fire. It is in the nature of the fire to burn and if it do not burn then it is not fire. So the dharam of fire is to burn and burns others in it. Hope you are able to understand this concept. It’s a lost concept now, even in the country where it originated. Lets take another example to make this concept more clear. For example, say water or ice. Nature of water or ice is to get cool and give coolness to the things around or in it.  If we want a chilled mango shake, we will obviously put ice cubes in it as it will chill it. So the dharam or dhamma of ice or water is to get cool and cool the things around or in it. If it do not do so then it won’t be called ice. So overall, the nature or behavior of a thing is called as dharam or dhamma.


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