Sensations- Let the sun come out!

Experience teaches that something that arises is bound to pass away. Then why be sad and depressed during the bad, unpleasant times and so madly happy about a pleasant thing that we cannot even tolerate it’s loss. Experience teaches so many things about life but still, why we roll in the same cycle of aversion and craving. Aversion for the unpleasant and craving for the pleasant. How to come out of this disguised misery? How to be happy forever? How be stable and balanced? How to control our mind from craving and aversion? How to have a balanced mind?

All these questions have one simple answer, come out of this ignorance! We may  be a lawyer, or a scientist or a doctor,an engineer, an architect, a politician or an author, but still we all remain ignorant. It is our ignorance that keeps us rolling in the cycle of disguised misery. It is our ignorance only that let us generate craving and aversion for something that is temporary. Some of you might question that if we do not enjoy our self in good times then aren’t we living a life of  a machine with no emotions? But the truth is that we are already living a life of a machine with its prescribed set of outputs to prescribed set of inputs. When we get a pleasant input, we react to it by generating an output of craving and when we get an unpleasant input, we react to it by generating an output of aversion. This way we keep living our life or what I say, we keep surviving every second of our precious human life. 

It is we humans who are bestowed with an amazing gift of self introspection. We unlike any other living being can observe ourselves and can see the sensations that are produced in our body with every thought we have in the mind. Whenever we crave for a thing, the thought of craving produces sensations in the body and similarly when we have a thought of aversion, it produces a sensation related to it in the body. Mind and matter are connected. Any thought in the mind produce some sensations in the body(matter).


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