Is it an insect or just a sensation!

When the clouds cover the sun, we don’t try to create another sun. In the same way we don’t need to create something eternal as it already exist. All that is to be done is to sweep these clouds away and see will be the brightness that was hiding behind the dark grey clouds.

In my previous posts, I described about a wonderful gift of Vipassana and also how it changed my life. So continuing my experience of Vipassana, I will be describing the things I have learned and they are quite simple, try to learn it if you can. 

The very important part of life is our thoughts. It is said that our thoughts build our character and with a good moral character we can lead a happy life and can help others also to live happily. Now there is one thing I am going to reveal today which I realized in the 10 day course of Vipassana. But before I do so let me talk to you about sensations. Have you ever felt the sensations in your body? Sensation of heat, perspiration or itching. There might be times when you feel like there is something moving on your neck and you start scratching it. But the moment you check for the thing due to which you felt that itching sensation, you find nothing. Well there are many times when one feel such itching sensation but there is no ant or mosquito behind it or any other thing. This sensation you felt was due to internal things. Even I don’t know due to which internal thing but I myself have experienced it.

During my 10-day course in August 2012, in Dhamma Sikhara, Dharamkot, while meditating where you observe the sensations on your body, I felt a sensation of an insect crawling on my face. The Vipassana center of Dharamkot is in the middle of the forest, so there are lot of insects. The sensation was so real that I was about to wipe the insect away from my face. But then I realized that what if it is not an insect rather a sensation. Well it was difficult to tell and I was taking a risk here. But I was determined to observe it and I knew that if it was a sensation only then like it’s nature, if it has arisen then it will pass away. Once I started observing it, it grew stronger. My heart started pounding fast as I could feel it crawling. But as I kept observing it, it started diminishing and after sometime of it faded away. Finally there was a smile of success and it motivated me to move on this path as the knowledge I got about the ephemeral nature of sensations was experiential. It was my own experience that led me to realize this fact. Finally I did not believe but realized.


For today it’s this much. Next time I will right more about sensations and my experience with them. Got to Go.

May all be happy 🙂


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