My experience with Vipassana!

While sailing in the ocean, the waves will keep rising and falling. But be it high or low, the mind must always be balanced. 

In my previous post, I told you about an amazing gift Vipassana, which is like a life jacket and will always keep us safe in amidst of all the troubles of life. In today’s post I will be describing my experience of doing vipassana so that you people can also understand the depth of this universal gift. My life has always been a roller coaster ride. There were few moments of tremendous happiness and large moments of confusion, sadness, questions, ambitions which were to be fulfilled. I always used to spread my energy in different tasks at the same time and then after sometime used to leave them due to lack of interest in them. Ultimately, the results were the same, ‘Jack of all traits and master of none’. I never liked this habit of mine but could not help it as it was my nature. There were so many things to be done and so less time. So most of the times, I used to be frustrated and tensed. My friends used to say that I am very lucky as I have been gifted with so many talents. But if there is no peace of mind then don’t you think that having so many talents is a curse than a gift. For me it was a curse and I always wanted to find a way to escape this reality where I consistently failed in completing things I started.

But there were times when the winds used to blow the clouds away and I could feel the warm sun rays rejuvenating me. At those times every work I used to do gave me satisfaction and happiness. But these moments were few and again the cycle of misery begins. I started realizing that life is made of moments and moments don’t last for long. Things are temporary. But every time a moment of happiness used to come, I used to thrive in it and pray that I will complete all my pending works in it. Since it is temporary, when it’s time was over, the works i had started were left incomplete till another such moment arise. I was fed up by this arising and passing of moments. Although, arising and passing is the nature of life, but how to work properly and continuously by knowing this reality. 

After 21 years of misery, I did find the solution. It’s been one and a half month since I have been practicing Vipassana. The moments of happiness and sadness do arise but now I have found the way to sail my boat properly and come out of these temporary moments with a wide smile on my face. There are times till now when I feel sad about things and when people bother me. But now I don’t indulge in the thought of it and whenever things bother me I start observing the sensations. For those who don’t know about vipassana might find it odd and may think that why to look at sensations or where to look. But once you know about it and have attended a 10 day course, you will realize the strength of this technique and how it can help you in living this life, in which every emotion, or every moment is temporary. Most of my friends think that it’s the work of old people who have lived their lives and now devote themselves to spirituality but don’t you think that it’s better to live a life rather than to survive it?

I will keep posting my experiences with vipassana so that you guys can also be motivated to do it.


May all be happy 🙂 


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