You… Me too..!

So at last you did introspect yourself and found yourself too playing in this mud. But don’t you worry, you are not the only one. Like you there’s me and millions of others got stuck in this disguised misery, a never ending cycle of craving and aversion. Craving towards the pleasant and aversion towards the unpleasant. No need to get upset because wherever there is a problem, there is a solution. So lets find the solution.

The best thing that ever happened to me was my accident which took place 5 years ago in April 2008. In the eyes of doctors who treated me and my family that suffered with my fractured bones, it was my second life. But be it the second chance at life I got or the first chance I had, all I did was the same. The same old habit with which we are born with, the unquenchable thirst of wanting. And when we do not get the desired thing, then the same old habit of crying for it starts. The slavery of the mind which we all starts doing from our birth and that too very diligently.

But still second chance at life did show some difference than the first one. The difference was the gift that I received and I’m thankful to those who became the medium and who gave me this wonderful gift. And knowing the value of this  invaluable gift I would like to tell it to you people too so that you could also come out of this disguised misery.

So now you might be eager to know about this gift that can take you out of this cycle of craving and aversion which till now seemed never ending. I will describe that gift in detail in my next post. Till then take care!


Till the tides of aversion and craving keep rising in the mind, the mind can never be balanced!

May all be happy 🙂


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