Luck has favored me in every aspect of life, be it social, educational or professional area. Though with a rough emotional area my life still rocked and from time to time I have found myself loving it and also hating it, craving for the good things it offered and averting for the bad things. Life is pretty impartial in terms of offering you the good as well as bad things. So due to its sincere impartial nature the cycle of disguised misery begins and like every other living being I too have got stuck in this cycle of aversion and craving. Aversion for the bad, unpleasant things and craving for the good and pleasant things, a never ending cycle of disguised misery.

Like me, the one’s reading this post are also stuck in this chakravyuh, the circle of deceit. Here once entered then coming out of it seems like impossible. Like a puppet we are played by our own mind, in the pool of aversions and craving.

You might be now introspecting yourself and realizing that this is what I have been doing till now, always living in this disguised misery. Then what’s the way out! Hmm!

I created this blog so I could share my experience of realizing this disguised misery and then coming out of it. I am still recovering from this illness but little by little as I am working on it little by little the dark grey clouds are getting away and I can feel the warm sunshine bringing me back to life, to reality, to happiness. I will tell you more about it in my upcoming post.  Image

May all be happy 🙂


7 thoughts on “Are you too in this mud…!

  1. Yea sure 🙂
    one thing i wanna ask u:
    earlier u were more interested in philosophy but now it seems to me that u r gradually inclining towards spirituality.
    Why is so ?
    How came d change ?


    1. lolzz… Honestly speaking, I don’t find much difference in my writing. Earlier I kept rolling in the cycle of disguised misery and kept asking questions and finding myself the way to live happily. And now since I have found the answer, I found a way to live my life rather than surviving it so I want to share it with others so that they can also live their life happily and come out of this cycle of disguised misery. Keep reading ahead you will find the gift. 🙂


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