A Girl and the Mystic- Chapter 7 Part 3

A Girl and the Mystic- Chapter 7 Part 3

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The deafening sound was heard by all the members present in the castle as well as outside it. Mother was in her deep meditation when the sound jolted her. She realized immediately that the sound was related to the horrific event that would now become the trigger for the misery of her people. But even if she desired, she couldn’t change this fate as she knew it was time.

When she reached at the spot, she saw Baanko lying on the floor, unconscious. His body bruised with the pieces of broken glass which seemed like they were stabbed into his body. The whole room was empty, dark with the scattered pieces of glass. The guards came but none entered the room as such was the respect for the law set by the mediator.

“Watoo has been unleashed. Go and ring the tower bells. People must know what’s coming.” She ordered the guards while tenderly placing  Baanko’s head on her lap.

Anna listened to the story very carefully. The old man was a good story teller, she thought. The dawn was breaking and woods were filled with the beautiful sounds of the birds. The air was still cool and there was the scent of sandalwood in it.

“Where did Watoo go? And what about Iroshi? Did he die?” asked Anna with her thoughts still immersed in the story.

“No one dies Anna. Not you, not me and neither did Iroshi. Death is nothing but an illusion. Illusion that was casted by Watoo on Baanko.” replied the old man sitting under the banyan tree in a gyan mudra.

“Wasn’t Baanko a powerful mystic. How stupid of him to fell for the illusion? I don’t think he would succeed his mother as a mediator?” snapped Anna angry at Baanko whom she thought was the hero of the story.

The old man now grinning at her and at the irony how Anna had decided the fate of Baanko without knowing that her own fate was sealed with him.

“Go back home now. You are getting late for college. I will tell the rest of the story tomorrow”, he ordered Anna.

Anna resisted first then reluctantly walked past the woods. It took her a month before she got used to the old man who claimed himself belonging to the invisible world and who loved to tell her the stories of his world. She had compelling evidences that supported the fact that she was not crazy and the old man did exist. She had read about the subtle energies that can’t be sensed by human’s five senses like aura and she had also read about healers using these subtle energies which modern science still lacked equipment to conduct these experiments. She knew that even in this visible world there were things that were invisible. But, maybe a fluctuation in her aura or her energy level had made her see the invisible.

A Girl and the Mystic- Chapter 7 Part 2

A Girl and the Mystic- Chapter 7 Part 2

That fateful night of the new moon, Baanko was out with his friend Jataayu- the eagle aka the old man who had come to save Anna. The night was beautiful, the clear sky filled with zillion of stars. Baanko was twenty one and it had been an year since he started his training of a mediator. Mediators were very powerful mystics who took up place next to the Gods. It was said in the lore of the invisible world that a mediator was a demigod protecting them by maintaining  the balance between life and death.

Baanko had successfully learned the first two steps that were, invoking the magick and controlling the elements. His karmas were such that he had a natural knack in the art of mysticism. He naturally knew the rhythms of the five elements- air, water, fire and earth and could easily manipulate them. But being a mediator was not just about being a sorcerer, it was more than that. He was yet to learn about the powerful illusions that were cast by Iroshi and Watoo that had made many great warriors their slave.

That night Baanko while returning to the castle, saw a blinding blood red light coming out from the top of the castle. He knew that Watoo and Iroshi were kept in top room but he had never seen that light before.  He was tempted to go inside take a look, but the room where Iroshi and Watoo were kept was a prohibited zone. Only a full fledged mediator could enter that room and Baanko was yet to become one.

The pleasant breeze brushed through his coal black hairs which were a little short to touch his shoulders. His eyes glued to the dance of the red light. For a moment he thought of the consequences if mother would find out about him breaking the law. But that new moon night, the blood red light charmed his young mind enough that he brushed the undesirable  thoughts away and decided to go inside the room. As he climbed the honey coated wooden stairs, he could feel his heart beating fast. He had to make sure that he was not seen by anyone. Jataayu flew near the castle screeching to warn Baanko, but Baanko’s five senses had stopped interpreting the signals. All he wanted was to witness the source of this dazzling red light.

“What are you doing so late sir? You should not be here, specially on a new moon light.” One of the two guards protecting the door spoke.

Baanko flicked his fingers and they both fell down, unconscious.

As he opened the door, he saw a huge hourglass containing the red light in one half and the blue in the other half. The lights were in constant flux. It felt like they were fighting with each other, tearing each other apart. He saw the red laight eating into the space of the blue light. The whole room was bathing in its light. His own eyes were glowing blood red. His steps moved him closer to the hourglass. Mesmerized by the illusions of Watoo, he couldn’t resist to touch the glass which was glowing red. The moment his warm hands touched the glass, the dazzling energies spiraled into each other creating a deafening sound  breaking the hourglass.

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A Girl and the Mystic- Chapter 7

A Girl and the Mystic- Chapter 7

Time is a potent healer. It calms down the fire leaving the ashes to tell its story. Long ago in the invisible world two souls made their presence to change the course of the souls living there. Both were tied to each other in such a way that if one grows stronger, the other gets weaker. The presence of one brought spring while the presence of other brought winters. This tandem kept spiralling through numerous centuries in harmony until that fateful night of new moon.

The queen of the invisible world that was the mother of Banko had an important role of a Mediator. The role of the mediator was to maintain balance between the two forces. This balance was not always of 50-50 but it was enough maintain the harmony and prosperity in the invisible world. 

 Banko was the next in the line. He was supposed to smoothly take over his duty after finishing his training. But fate had something else decided for him.

The two souls, Watoo and Iroshi would feed on each other, devouring each other to become stronger than the other. Such was the relation that if one would die the other would eventually die out of starvation. This tandem was eternal and so was the role of the Mediator.


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A Girl and the Mystic- Chapter 6 Part 2

A Girl and the Mystic- Chapter 6 Part 2

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As the soul of Anna that was Banko left for the invisible world, her body lied still on the bed protected by the golden spell created by the old man.

A shadow lurking beside her was continuously staring at her trying to own her. As the blood red eyes looked at Anna’s peaceful face it gave a crooked smile. It won’t harm her but would keep her safe and glued to the visible world so that Banko could never be released.

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“Mother , you called for?” Spoke the husky voice of Banko.

The invisible world wasn’t much different from the visible. The only difference was that it was resided by souls which were more evolved, living at a higher vibrational state than the souls of the visible world.

“How are you feeling Banko. Is the body giving any trouble?” Replied a gentle feminine  voice. Her face looked serene. Her body was draped in a white silk cloak which complemented her long ebony hair.

“Mother,  I miss home. Why can’t I come back?” Sighed Banko.

She didn’t replied. Her deep oceanic eyes stared into the heavy brown eyes of Banko strengthening him to continue fighting his long battle in the visible world against Watoo.

The silence was broken by the warning sound of the eagle flying high in the sky. It was time for Banko to go back to the visible world.

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As Banko released himself from the body of invisible world, both Banko and the golden eagle flew away into the visible world.

“You will always have help, my son.” This assurance given by his mother was the last thing Anna heard before waking up.

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A Girl and the Mystic- Chapter 6

A Girl and the Mystic- Chapter 6

Hey guys, if u are new to this series then then you might wanna read the earlier chapters to understand where the story is going. The links are below,

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It was around 3 am when her body was going through another cycle of REM sleep. The old man sitting at her window was patiently staring at Anna’s body, waiting for his old friend to leave his present residence and fulfill its unfinished desires in the other worlds.

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“Hello old friend, nice to meet you again.”

“Hello! Banko. I thought you won’t be leaving Anna’s body today.” The old man replied to the golden spirit, a powerful mystic of the ancient world.

“Anna’s body isn’t yet powerful enough to channelise my powers. It needs work.” Spoke Banko, looking at the peacefully resting body of Anna presently soul less yet properly functioning.

“We must hurry up. Mother is waiting.” Said the old man changing himself into an eagle with wings of fire flying away in the open sky. Banko followed him disappearing in the silver sky.

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As the silence creeps in..!

As the silence creeps in..!

As the silence creeps in,

The whole world stands still.

Waiting anxiously for the noise,

It’s drug to keep it high.
As the winds stop, the air drop dead,

The tired eyes stares at the sky,

For a leaf to move, to keep them in illusion 

That life is moving.
As I write this poem,

I anxiously waiting for the next rock song,

To keep me floating in my painful world.
But even in this vicious cycle of desires,

We all await silently for that light,

Which will shine the brilliance of silence,

Where the mind will be peaceful if it’s still,

Where the winds are calm like the deep sea,
We all awaits for those glistening eyes,

That awaits to open to see what’s inside,

A journey to a peacefull bliss,

A journey to Moksha!