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Mirror- part 2

As she was left alone in the living room, the sunlight started playing tricks as they always had. 'Nostalgia' she thought. But of what, she couldn't recall. "Here's your beverage" "Now tell me why were you upset?" Anna took a deep sigh as she quenched her thirst with a sweet lemonade. "Grandma, it's hard to… Continue reading Mirror- part 2

Life, Short stories


She moved fast down the ally, marching her steps faster and harder. 'Stupid', she thought. 'Why you always have to be so blunt?' She questioned herself. Pacing fast she now stood facing the oak wood door. Ding Dong! The door opens. "Hi! Grandma" "Anna, dear. Come on in" She swooned herself on the sofa. Her… Continue reading Mirrors


A prayer to Shri Ganesh

In whose feet I find solace, Bowing to whom I feel secure, To him, who is the conqueror of all obstacles, I surrender myself, Let myself be guided by his lotus feet, To him I bow my head in reverence , Oh dear Ganesha, take me into your shield, Guide me to fulfil my purpose,… Continue reading A prayer to Shri Ganesh

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The painting…!

Cleverly she shifted her gaze from the painting hanging on the wall towards the artist. "You seem to be the one who painted this beautiful imagination?" She asked. "Yes, Madame." He replied. "How much does it cost. I'm interested." "Madame, before I tell you the cost I would like to know what story did it… Continue reading The painting…!

Mystical, Poems

A world of those who believe in magic

There is a world I see in ur eyes, The world of peace, of prosperity A world of those, who believe in magic. As I drew closer to you , I feel the grounds beneath me shifting, My broken wings turning to take a giant flight, Soaring high, kissing the horizon, I see myself in… Continue reading A world of those who believe in magic

Short stories

She would be loved again..!

It was an hour past bedtime. Her stomach rumbled, her throat ached. She wanted food and the saline water to sooth her empty stomach and soar throat. But she was afraid. She might get none as she wasn't the obedient kid for past few days. But she had hope. Her father wouldn't weigh her hunger… Continue reading She would be loved again..!

Short stories

When creativity strikes..!

Was it the candles she had just bought or the cool starry night that gave the hint of ushering winters or was it random that she felt the new rush of creativity. She looked at her work, the pictures she had taken in her little room, the posters she had made out of them on… Continue reading When creativity strikes..!