Short stories

She would be loved again..!

It was an hour past bedtime. Her stomach rumbled, her throat ached. She wanted food and the saline water to sooth her empty stomach and soar throat. But she was afraid. She might get none as she wasn't the obedient kid for past few days. But she had hope. Her father wouldn't weigh her hunger… Continue reading She would be loved again..!

Short stories

When creativity strikes..!

Was it the candles she had just bought or the cool starry night that gave the hint of ushering winters or was it random that she felt the new rush of creativity. She looked at her work, the pictures she had taken in her little room, the posters she had made out of them on… Continue reading When creativity strikes..!

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The dance of life..!

Life is a journey among the many, between the cycle of birth and death. I wait for the miracles to understand, That reality is what we perceive, Crooked for the unhappy souls And picturesque for the happy ones. It took the long tiring rides, Of the highs and the lows, The unending swinging of the… Continue reading The dance of life..!

Entwined to be separated

Entwined to be separated!

Prolouge The night was dark of the new moon. They both stood face to face, an inch apart. All she could think was to leave her compulsions and merge with him like she had in previous lives. But the clock had ticked and he was no more hers. She could see his face in the… Continue reading Entwined to be separated!

Life, Short stories

The Interview

With the tick of the clock, she sat on the sofa, waiting for the her turn. This could be the turning point or just another disappointing interview.  Photo Source "Miss Damini" She rose up to her name. Taking a deep breath in she summoned her courage and stepped forward towards the interview hall. "May I… Continue reading The Interview

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Sing along the Himalayan Bulbul, Her beautiful song that welcomes the new day, I speak of the freedom that comes with the breaking of the dawn A new hope, a new lease for the unfinished goals, To some it's a regular day, carrying the baggage of yesterdays, But for me it's the victory, Dodging the… Continue reading Random…!


Pics on the move…!

Hey! everyone. Its been long since I posted photographs . Well these are some random clicks taken not through Dslr but through cell phone. Hope u enjoy them. Will be posting more regularly . Do check my previous works -> Photography Mesmerising Faith keeps us keeps us going in dark times A journey enjoyed amidst… Continue reading Pics on the move…!